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About the club

In 2014, IBV Supercar Club proudly achieved the Guinness World Record for the most money raised in a car parade. A magnificent accolade that shows the club’s determination to break records and make a difference.

The IBV Supercar Club, a division of IBV International Vaults, is a community of supercar owners. Through membership, members enjoy preferential and exclusive invitations to Supercar events, exhibitions and launches. The Club also offers assistance with trade, finance, insurance and auto care to ensure that club members receive the best deals and benefits.


With The Aim To Achieve A Membership Base Of 10 000 Members Globally, Ibv Supercar Club Ensures Our Clientele (Lsm 10+) Has The Opportunity To Experience Luxury Supercar Experiences, Benefits And High End Networking With Other Like-minded Individuals, Who Share The Same Passion For Supercars.

Supercar Experiences

At Ibv Supercar Club, We Live And Breathe By The Philosophy That Life Is For Living. Therefore We Provide Our Members With The Opportunity To Engage In Thrilling Supercar Experiences Packed With Adventure, Luxury And Adrenaline.


At Ibv Supercar Club, We Host Numerous Bespoke Supercar Runs, Advan- Ced Driving Courses, Tours To International Motorsport Events And Vip Tours To Supercar Factories As Well As Pri- Vate Car Collections. Ibv Supercar Club Members Have Access To Our Wide Range Of Supercar Part- Ners Who Ensure The Best Service And Nego- Tiated Rates, Which Are Available At Your Conve- Nience, In Order To Cater For All Your Supercar Requirements.

Supercar Events


IBV Supercar Club host various Track Days nationally. As an IBV Supercar Club member, we offer you the opportunity to drive your supercar to its true potential.


IBV Supercar Club Breakfast Runs are specially designed to give our members a once in a life 3 time experience travelling to unique and bespoke


As an IBV Supercar Club member, you will receive exclusive invitations to attend various supercar launches.


We invite our IBV Supercar Club members to be a part of many supercar exhibitions and motor shows and share the experience with us.


We plan and facilitate your dream supercar experience internationally, offering you F1 Packages, Supercar factory tours and Motor Shows.​

It is the clubs’ priority to always protect our members on every transaction. We at IBV Supercar Club will be your specialist advisor, working with our external consultants, we will advise you on the sale or purchase of your supercar.

IBV Supercar Club members have access to our IBV Supercar Club Virtual Showroom, where you can buy or sell a supercar at the best negotiated price.

IBV Supercar Club has partnered with supercar dealers internationally to provide you with the best deal on new and pre-owned vehicles.

IBV Supercar Club members are invited to exclusive bespoke supercar auctions.

IBV Supercar club negotiates with the leading banks and financial institutions on your behalf to give you the best financial package for your Supercar, ensuring that you always get the best finance deal.

IBV Supercar Club negotiates the best insurance rates
for our members on supercar insurance which include with leading insurance brokers and underwriters.

IBV Supercar Club members have access to our wide range of auto care partners who ensure the best care, service and protection to member’s vehicles.
These partners specialize in:



IBV Supercar Club host various Track Days nationally. As an IBV Supercar Club member, we offer you the opportunity to drive your supercar to its true potential.


Aftermarket rims for your supercar


Preferred supercar parking at our selected branches.


Our Supercar customization specialists will ensure they enhance the looks and performance of your supercar, making it truly unique.


Professional supercar detailing and maintenance, making sure your supercar is always looking at its best.


Safe and secure transportation of your supercar